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This 21-minute video “The Constitution: Why it Matters?” is presentation number two in the “I Want to be Free” series on the U.S. Constitution presented by Dr. Harold Pease. The title explains its purpose. View other series presentations and weekly columns on the Constitution at

Today very few are required to read the U.S. Constitution in school. A latest survey on the public knowledge of basic constitutional principles is shocking. Findings included that 38% would not be qualified to be citizens of their own country were they required passing the same test required of non-citizens. So it is obvious why it may not matter to many.

Covers of Time and Newsweek magazines were shown to demonstrate their concern for our decline. Time magazine shows the Constitution shredded. It must be outdated. “Not so!” Pease argues. “It is based upon natural law and human nature, which do not change. Don’t condemn the document because it is not read or followed.”

Article V makes our Constitution a living document. Opponents to the present “living” document always advocate for more of your money and more power, which inevitably means less of your freedom. Pease concludes, “It is more important that you understand the Constitution than any other generation in U.S. History. Fifty years from now you will be able to say either, ‘We lost it.’ Or, ‘We saved it.’ You personally will have been part of the problem or part of the solution.”