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Liberty Under Fire

Dr. Harold W. Pease

Fighting for freedom and liberty!

The Real Issue, Trump Threatens The Globalist

Not since Barry Goldwater in 1964 have I seen the establishment turn on one man with a unity and vehemence, as though from the very bowels of Hell, as it has Donald Trump. It’s a full court press consisting of big governments types from both political parties, the establishment press (all networks except Fox), Hollywood moguls such as Steven Spielberg,

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What I See Happening In a Trump Presidency

WHAT FOLLOWS IS A MUST READ FOR ALL AMERICANS!!!!! I concur with everything that is said in the Bennett article below. Knowing how much the establishment hates Donald Trump, it is likely that they will attempt to take him out any way they can. I have said this for months and strongly advise him to hire his own bodyguards at

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“Please Protect Us God”

Synopsis of “Please Protect Us God” A new video, certainly the most compelling on the subject of LaVoy Finicum’s death, has surfaced. A must see for every adult American. Forensics have conclusively documented and brought to question the corrupt practices of the FBI in the possible murder of Finicum and attempted murder of those in his truck. The 50-minute tape

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Ryan Bundy Beat by Prison Guards

Reports have been surfacing in the non-establishment press of a prison beating of Ryan Bundy by three guards charged with his care. His wife Angie had to take to the radio to get attention to the beating. Apparently Ryan still had a bullet in his arm placed there on January 26, eight months prior, by FBI agents presumably while he

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Constitution Day: What Shall We Celebrate

I did not celebrate Constitution Day, September 17, primarily because I did not know how to do so. The Federal Government requires colleges to do something on that day to qualify for Title IV grant monies, which, if people really read the Constitution, they would find no authority for the grant. Should I talk about the total disregard of the

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Assault on 2nd Amendment in California Could Spread

This is a must read for self-defense and constitutional advocates. California has just passed a litany of new laws on magazines, ammunition, gun registration, ownership and lending firearms. In essence they have shot (excuse the metaphor) so many bullets into the 2nd Amendment as to render it impotent. Little of any of this has been covered by the establishment press

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“White Americans Need to do a Better Job of Listening”

“White Americans need to do a better job of listening,” said Hillary Clinton recently with respect to problems in our black communities. We agree. Progressive policies of the last fifty years, which she champions, notably welfare, have done much to return our black brother to a slavery of dependence and seemingly to set our black communities on fire driven mostly

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Why Voting for Donald Trump Is a Morally Good Choice

I offer the following article, "Why Voting for Donald Trump Is a Morally Good Choice" by Wayne Grudem, without comment other than it is a perspective that ought to be considered in the 2016 presidential election and has not been adequately treated in the establishment press. It is well worth the read and can be found at

Constitution not fully used in Blocking Transgender Bathrooms

Responding to a lawsuit filed by 13 states led by Texas, U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor issued a preliminary injunction that the Obama transgender bathroom executive order of May 12, 2016, “violated federal notice and comment requirements and contradicted existing law and regulations.” These are the weakest arguments possible and most certainly not Constitutional arguments. Nothing in the document speaks

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The “Black Door” Out of Poverty

Ferguson, Detroit, Baltimore, Dallas and now Milwaukee. Four constants in these cities are evident, all: are predominantly black, are on fire, and are driven mostly by young angry black men. But the constant ignored most by the establishment press is that each of these cities has been governed by the same political party for the last fifty years and, despite

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Hillary Gets “Press Passes” on Other Older Scandals Too

Even as I write fallout from Hillary’s Email Scandal has apparently cost the life of our Iranian friend and informer Dr. Shaharam Amiri, a pro-American nuclear scientist, and the pro-Hillary news sources either refuse, or minimize, coverage on it. Those who are covering it attribute Hillary as having “blown his cover.” Clinton’s more than 270-day refusal to hold a press

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Early Hillary Scandals Ignored in the 2016 Presidential Race

Press treatment of scandals today is nothing like Richard Nixon’s Watergate where the press was relentless until the corruption exposed was driven from the White House. Some of the 22 scandals attributed to Hillary by WND TV are equal to, or worse than, Watergate. Still, as with Whitewater, everyone else involved traditionally goes to prison and the Clinton’s move upward

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The Woman Who Could Be Our Next President

No woman in America’s political history has had more scandals attributed to her than Hillary Rodham Clinton. WND TV lists the number at 22 and that was in May 2015. Right now Hillary Clinton is dodging four. What is most amazing with respect to these scandals, she always gets a pass even when the evidence seems bullet proof, as for

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Sanders Endorses the 1%, Betraying His Message and Following

Sanders Endorses the 1%, Betraying His Message and Following The initial endless chorus of elation changed to “Ber…nie“ chants throughout his speech. Then followed Sanders endorsement of his supposed ideological enemy. Sanders effectively fell on his own sword mid a chorus of boos and thumbs down signs by his own followers, but the boos were unmistakable. Some networks refused to

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Dr. James Dobson on Donald Trump’s Christian Faith

Dr. James Dobson on Donald Trump’s Christian Faith Only the Lord knows the condition of a person’s heart. I can only tell you what I’ve heard. First, Trump appears to be tender to things of the Spirit. I also hear that Paula White has known Trump for years and that she personally led him to Christ. Do I know that

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