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About Us

We are a non-partisan, independent group who believes that both parties are responsible for undermining valued and sacred principles. Today’s ideological revolution is as important as that which was fought by the Founding Fathers, and we urge all to set aside party and tradition and return to liberty while we still can.

Liberty Under Fire founder, Dr. Harold Pease, is a political science professor who has spent a lifetime teaching the writings of the Founding Fathers and applying them to current events. None of the major networks emphasize this perspective. Liberty Under Fire is the only news source that is dedicated to filling this void. We bring to your attention those current events that you need to know in order to continue the fight to restore liberty.

We are working to teach Americans the history of our nation, which has been distorted and forgotten by those who seek to undermine the Constitution. In order to accomplish this, the following is coming soon:

  • A video series that clarifies the founding of America, unveils how our Constitution has been violated over the years, and identifies who is responsible.
  • Instructional seminars (online and in person) about the Constitution and about how you can arm yourself with the knowledge and the resources to defend it.
  • Articles that uncover the lies that are told by the mainstream media.
  • Commentary on current legislation and whether or not it is constitutional.

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