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By Harold Pease, Ph. D

A new video, certainly the most compelling on the subject of LaVoy Finicum’s death, has surfaced. A must see for every adult American. Forensics have conclusively documented and brought to question the corrupt practices of the FBI in the possible murder of Finicum and attempted murder of those in his truck. The following focuses only on their deplorable behavior on those in the truck. Video for what follows can be found at

Three bullets greeted the Finicum truck approaching the roadblock and another two while LaVoy Finicum exited his truck with his hands held high; this followed by another three killing him. The first attempt to get out of the vehicle by those remaining was made by 19 year old Victoria Sharp to see to Finicum lying on the ground. Instead of conversation with the FBI she was greeted with two gunshots forcing her to stay in the vehicle. Her exiting would have been the perfect opportunity to end the situation peacefully. Instead it was escalated by gunfire. It seemed the FBI and Oregon State Police did not want them to exit.

What follows is the summery of the five-minute video taped conversation in the vehicle as captured by Shawna Cox a participant. Please view the tape identified above for the entire conversation and the compelling forensic evidence of the entire event. Trapped in their vehicle it tells a hellish story of a man and two women (one still a teen) begging God to save them. This should never happen in this country and by our government. The five-minute portion reveals the following:

The passengers witness the killing of Finicum. They can’t see him after he had fallen and believe him dead. Ryan Bundy asks Victoria Sharp if she had been hit from the gunshots that hit the door as she tried to exit. She wasn’t.

Ryan Bundy discloses to the two women that he had taken a bullet. “I’ve been hit too.” “Its Okay.” “I am not bleeding.” This round could have been while they were approaching the roadblock just minutes earlier.

Passengers resort to prayer. The most powerful part of the video is when the occupants beg God to help them. Shawna Cox, “Please protect us God!! Please protect us!” “Please protect us.” “We need help!” “We need help!” “Please protect us!” “Please protect us!” “Please protect us.” “We need help!” “We need help!” “We need help!”

“Are they going to kill us all?” All passengers believed that, having been prevented from leaving the vehicle by gunfire, they were going to be killed. They speak of ducking lasers on them and plead with officers to stop firing on them. The most compelling phrases include: Cox, “I don’t dare get out cause they will shoot me.” “I don’t know what to do.” “Why do they keep shooting?” Bundy, “They want to take my head off.” Cox, “Are they going to kill us all?” “God!” “Please.”

OC gas now used by FBI.   Passengers know that chemicals are now injected into the vehicle making it difficult to breath coughing and crying sounds were obvious. Sharp says, “I can’t breath!” “God!” “God!” Lasers are still on them.

Passengers again try to surrender. They look for something white to wave. It is uncertain if they found anything. Sharp yells to agents, “I surrender.”

Begging not to be shot the passengers leave the truck. Finally, at this point we get the first audible sounds from law enforcement other than gunfire. An officer yells, “Get out the left side door.” Sharp, “Okay!” “Don’t shoot!” Sharp to FBI as she exits, “Please don’t shoot me!!” FBI officer, “Come out with your hands up.” Even now there is no assurance from the FBI or Oregon State Police that she won’t be shot as had the driver Finicum. The other two follow.

The FBI testified under oath four major assertions. Commands were yelled by multiple officers including, “Let me see your hands” and “Step out of the vehicle.” The videotape inside the truck showed conclusively that no commands were given the first five minutes—only gunshots—and not until after the last gas round was fired. Passengers had every reason to believe that they were going to be killed, as had the driver Finicum. Notice Sharp’s request as she exited the vehicle, “Please don’t shoot me!!”

There was no response from the occupants of the truck, FBI agents asserted, but the occupants made numerous attempts to communicate only to be answered by repeated gunfire. FBI also asserted that those in the truck did not obey commands but no commands were given the first five minutes and only after OC rounds were used, at which there was immediate compliance, even though the occupants believed that they would be killed. That OC gas was used only after those in the truck ignored commands was another lie; OC gas was used before any commands.

Thanks to the Cox video we know precisely what was said and heard by the assaulted passengers that fully exposed the lies of the FBI and Oregon troopers involved. All this reportedly happened while those in the truck were in possession of two loaded .223-caliber semi-automatic riffles and a loaded .38-special revolver. The video also disclosed that not one in the truck suggested using the guns even after the driver had been killed and another of the original four taken a bullet.

Dr. Harold Pease is a syndicated columnist and an expert on the United States Constitution. He has dedicated his career to studying the writings of the Founding Fathers and applying that knowledge to current events. He has taught history and political science from this perspective for over 30 years at Taft College. To read more of his weekly articles, please visit