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The 12-minute video presentation “Thumbing Through the Constitution” is the third presentation in the constitutional series called “I Want to be Free” designed by professor Harold Pease Ph. D to share with America why the Constitution is so special and relevant to our day.

In this presentation he asks viewers to memorize the outline of the Constitution before jumping into the document. He compares doing so to a house mover entering the new home to ascertain the proximity of the rooms to each other before he unloads the moving van.

Article I identifies the authority of the legislative branch, Article II the executive, and Article III the judicial. Each has a limiting clause. Article IV outlines the relationship of states and the federal government. Article V describes how changes are made in the Constitution. Article VI the document, as interpreted by the Founding Fathers, is made the supreme law of the land. Article VII the ratification of the Constitution. Next follows the 27 changes made to the Constitution, the first ten of which are the Bill of Rights. Some emphasis is given to the Amendments 9th and 10th. Amendments 11-27 come through the next 225 plus years.

Notice the handcuffs of the Constitution, which are many. Never forget that the Constitution is designed to limit the federal government. So many from both major political parties have forgotten this. Again, memorize the outline of the Constitution and demand that the government restrict themselves to these handcuffs; if not you than whom?